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“Not a tech savvy but a great visionary, don’t worry! We got it covered…”

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About Us

Athryan media solutions a harbor for top-tier digital designing services, located in Tirunelveli was established in the year 2020.

We at Athryan media solutions provide a range of high demand expertised tech services such as Web & App Development, Content writing , Branding, SEO and also Build Personal Computers. Original visuals & designs combined with user friendly interfaces, complete Website maintenance and Hosting services will be deftly taken care of by us.

Our broad audience spectrum allows us to cater for top businesses alongside personalized needs marking our vision, “tech available to all” stand true. Valuable services provided by our curated team will uplift your company or business to the desired level and be indexable.

Our clients are our boss, we remain true in providing high quality digital services toned with your preference and ideas making it justifiable of great value. Maximizing customer satisfaction has been and will be our top priority.

This company ties together talent with expertise to serve the best for our clients. These services are provided for very affordable price ranges that is difficult to resist. Your journey with Athryan media solutions will be one to remember.


Web development

Attractive Websites are now the instant selling point for any business. Easy navigation and quirky details accompanied with innovative designs secure clients straight away in your pockets. All this is easier said than done, that’s why we at Athryan media solutions got you covered in all degrees and angles. Along with designing top selling websites we offer complete Maintenance, Safe Hosting, Regular updates, Faster order processing services and many more according to your requirements. The website will act as a host to lure potential customers and raise your brand value to greater heights! As you know a picture speaks 1000 words and we hope to do more!

App development

Install, open and buy! that’s how easy its going to be with an app. We as app users crave the comfort of user-friendly interface, good design layout and when it comes to payments the sophistication free checkouts are a bliss. Us as app developers strive to provide the same!

Content writing

We Athryan media solutions are profoundly known for our digital designing services but did you know that we provide Content Writing too, well now you know! Words get emotionally attached towards us makings us remember jist of information here and there. Our team of excellent content writers will exhibit your ideas through well written sentences. Let it be product description, articles, about us pages… you name it. To summarise we assure you we’ll handle it as best as possible and all the factual content will be thoroughly researched and well versed. One more thing Words can make the change!


Products need brand, brand need products because brand sells! Athryan media solutions reach out in launching brands, designing logos, graphic designs, package covers and many more. Together establish your dream brand with Athryan medias solution.

SEO (search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation makes your article or blog post reach more audience in very little time. Athryan media solutions will responsibly hustle out your page or website to the top search results! Lets make it quick with professionalism.

Personal computers

Athryan media solutions takes immense pleasure in building the PC you require! Yes, customisation that fits your innovation! It can be building pc’s from scratch or remodelling them. Athryan media solutions leaves the choice open to you!

Social Media Marketing

What other way can bring people and products together, more than social media ? none. We at AMS are fully in sync with the latest trends ongoing in Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook and many other platforms. We strive to bring the right product to the right person and vice versa! What say shall we get it Reeling!

Graphic Designing

A brand is quite nothing without a logo, a logo in itself outsells everything. The best part is the simpler it is the easier it is to remember. From a simple tick to a half bitten apple, their stories are legendries. That’s why at AMS we adhere to excel in our digital designing services to outsell your brand.